You are hereWe're hiring (again): do you know the perfect candidate for any of these jobs?

We're hiring (again): do you know the perfect candidate for any of these jobs?

By www - Posted on 27 September 2011

We hope you enjoyed our recent Trend Briefing on RETAIL RENAISSANCE. As we continue to expand both our free content and paid services, we’re growing rapidly, and we're now on the look-out for London-based native English speakers (or might as well be ;-) for the below positions. If any of these jobs ‘is you’ or someone you know, please do let us know.TREND THINKER
Do you have 3+ years of experience as a trend / business thinker, with a truly global perspective? Are you passionate about reading and writing on the future of business and consumerism? More here »CLIENT SERVICES COORDINATOR
Are you an experienced professional with client service skills, administrative experience, and organizational prowess, looking for an international, demanding working environment? More here »TREND CONTENT MANAGER
Do you have 3+ years marketing experience, have all the skills of a superstar project manager, and crave responsibility? More here »INTERNS
Are you at business school (or have you just finished university), are you fascinated with business/marketing/trends, and do you just know would be perfect for you? More here »SPOTTERS
Love to do some trend and innovation spotting on the side? Then join Happy Spotting, our global network of hundreds of trend-savvy innovation-hunters. More here »