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VOICE OVER (English subtitles)

By mh - Posted on 26 January 2013

101 Awards, more than 300 selections, including:
Nominated to the Spanish Academy Award 2013 (Goya)
Melies D'or 2013 (Best European Fantastic Short Film), received in Sitges International Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival, official selection
Clermont Ferrand 2013, official selection
Gijon International Film Festival, Young Jury Award
Chicago International Film Festival, Silver Plaque
New York City Short Film Festival, Best of the Fest
The Wrap Short List Film Festival, Audience Award
The Smalls Film Festival (UK), Best Foreign Film
Seattle Short Film Festival, Best Cinematography, Best Script, Best Art Direction
Manhattan Short Film Festival, Bronce Medal
Short Short Mexico Film Festival, Best Iberoamerican Film
ZINEBI, Best Basque Short Film
Elche Independent Film Festival, Best Short
Curtmiratges, Organization Award; Best Director
Alfas del Pi Film Festival, Best Short; Best Director
Zaragoza Film Festival; Best Short
San Sebastian Horror & Fantasy Film Festival; Best Short
... Synopsis: A French narrator jumps from one dramatic scene to another one, confused about the story that he is trying to tell and fighting with himself until he finally finds it. Starring Jonathan D. Mellor, Feodor Atkine
Directed by Martin Rosete
Written by Luiso Berdejo
Produced by Koldo Zuazua
Sebastian Alvarez
Manuel Calvo
The Rosete Brothers
Cinematography by Jose Martin Rosete Kamel FilmsTags: Voice Over, Martin Rosete, Jose Martin Rosete, Koldo Zuazua, Manu Calvo, Sebastian Alvarez, Jonathan Mellor, Kamel Films, Kowalski Films, Encanta Films, Volcano Films and Feodor Atkine