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A town hall meeting with Tim Geithner

By www - Posted on 09 September 2009

According to this item at CNBC, there will be a Town Hall meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner tomorrow night and the public is invited to submit questions or, better yet, join the Banking on Geithner Facebook page.
IMAGE If you thought that last part was an attempt at humor, rest assured it was not. The guy who signs his name on our currency is apparently doing a little social networking now that things have calmed down a bit and he's hired some staff.

A good first question is posed over at The Daily Bail:
Will you admit that with bank capital ratios at approximately 8% industry wide, and with most assets worth 40% less than purchase price, that essentially all banks are insolvent? And will you also admit that we've chosen to ignore the problem and whistle by the graveyard with FASB's change to fair-value accounting rules?
That would be an excellent way for Erin Burnett and Steve Liesman to start the show.