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By www - Posted on 02 October 2014

A short movie about... well... I think it's about habits or addictions you can't get rid of...................? Directed by Vadim Draempaehl
Produced by Tina Draempaehl
3d modelling and animation by Vadim Draempaehl
Compositing and background modelling by Tina Draempaehl
Additional 3d modelling by Andras Kavalecz
Music by Ben Kloss
SoundFx by Sibin Vassilev
Renderservice by MBA Studios
Funding: Spellcraft Studio and Osmo StudioCast: Vadim Draempaehl, Andras Kavalecz and MBA StudiosTags: short movie, spellcraft, draempaehl, vadim, 3ds max, hairfarm, character studio, zbrush, absurd, comic, tragic, drama, tv, lonely, melancholic and dark