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Monday morning links

By www - Posted on 10 August 2009

Banks make $38bn from overdraft fees - FT
China Will Maintain Stimulatory Policies, Wen Says - Bloomberg
Germany's gold is in U.S. custody, Bundesbank confirms - GATA
Wall Street bankers are still raking in billions in bonuses - USA Today
China Says $100 Billion Was Bilked by Rio Tinto - NY Times
IMF puts total cost of crisis at £7.1 trillion - Telegraph
Entering the Greatest Depression in History - Lew Rockwell
As Economy Turns, Washington Looks Better - NY Times

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Oil hovers below $71 as investors eye US consumers - AP
The Stock Market and Monetary Disorder - Noland, Prudent Bear
‘Enough oil to keep the crude culture going’ -
Hold or Fold, but Don’t Waver - NY Times
Bond ETFs draw interest - MarketWatch
Post-Crash Dynamics - Hussman Funds

It's not over yet - EconBrowser
Economic Bottom Calls: Willful Ignorance - Market Ticker
Payrolls not so bullish after all, Rosenberg says - FT AlphaVille
America’s biggest economic problem? We’re all broke - New Deal 2.0
Giving kids 'the talk' about money - LA Times

Monetary policy to remain unchanged - CHINADaily
China’s Property Sales Surge 60% From Year Earlier - Bloomberg
Sorry - the house price crash isn't over yet - Telegraph
Public sector cuts could lead second wave of jobs crisis - Guardian
WGC to lure gold buyers with Great Indian Gold Rush - Commodity Online
Banks take the blame as 33,000 are declared insolvent - Independent
Crazy Housing Prices May be Coming down Again - ChinaStakes
UK risks a Japan-style lost decade - Telegraph

Cash for Clunkers for housing? - Examiner
Poll: Forecasting the housing-market bottom - Baltimore Sun
Expensive homes miss the recovery - CNN/Money
Mansions Go Under the Gavel - NY Times

Business Books: Fed is "fourth branch" of U.S. government - Reuters
Krugman: Bernanke Should Be Appointed to a Second Term - Bloomberg
Fed Focusing on Real-Estate Recession as Bernanke Convenes FOMC - Bloomberg
A pessimist's prediction: Hyperinflation - Fleckenstein, MSN Money

CNBC slides as viewers get crunched - Guardian
Lawmakers' Global-Warming Trip Hit Tourist Hot Spots - WSJ
The Case Against Apple–in Five Parts - Calacanis