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An iPhone Lover’s Take On The Nexus One

By www - Posted on 12 January 2010

Last week, I attended the Google Android "Nexus One" event. As you may have heard, they gave many of us in the audience the device to try out. I decided that before I wrote anything about it (other than saying on television that it's a "nice little device"), I would give it a real shot, so here I am, a week later, with my thoughts on it. To be clear, this isn't meant to be a full review or overview, for that, see our review here. Instead, I'm going to come at this from the perspective of a pretty hardcore iPhone user of the past two-plus years.

I'll come right out and say what everyone will want to know: Do I think the Nexus One is better than the iPhone? No. There are certain things it does better (I'll get to that), but overall, if I had choose one, I would still choose the iPhone — specifically, the iPhone 3GS. Is that my bias talking as someone who has used the device on a daily basis for over two years? Maybe a bit, but overall I do believe that while the Android phones are rapidly catching up to the iPhone, they are still not quite up to that device's quality.