You are hereiFart v. Pull My Finger: The Court Case of the Century

iFart v. Pull My Finger: The Court Case of the Century

By www - Posted on 14 February 2009

It's rare for a genius to truly get satisfaction in his own time. Picasso was unappreciated until much later in life and Van Gogh died before receiving the notoriety he deserved. And so we meet Joel Comm, creator of iFart Mobile, who finds himself so decidedly under-appreciated and misrepresented in the realm fart programs for the iPhone that he is suing his closest competitor, Pull My Finger.

Mr. Comm, a well known web-marketer, describes how the company that makes Pull My Finger, Air-o-matic, asked for $50,000 for using the tagline "Pull my finger!" in some of his PR materials and on a YouTube video representing iFart Mobile. Long story short, now Comm is asking a judge to find that "pull my finger" is part of public domain, essentially shutting Air-o-Matic up with the legal system. His court documents are here.