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The Dogmatic

By www - Posted on 04 October 2012

An overly-zealous animal rescue group decides to take the law into their own hands to save jilted dogs at all costs, including risking their own lives.
Prior to the making of this film, I initially intended to focus on a "simple" story of animal welfare. But sometimes things don't work out exactly as planned. Instead, I stumbled upon an even more intriguing story of societal neglect, economic despair, morality and self-fulfillment. I recognize the controversy surrounding the issues presented in the film and have purposely left it to you, the viewer, to formulate your own opinion. NOTE: I have changed the viewing settings to accomodate those who were having difficulties viewing before.
DIRECTOR | Lance Oppenheim
STORY SUPERVISOR | Lance Oppenheim & Melissa Oppenheim
PRODUCER | Lance Oppenheim & The Opp-Guide
CINEMATOGRAPHY | J.D. Aronson, Mirella Cardoso, Joe Zakko, Tia Blais-Billie, Lance Oppenheim
EDITOR | Lance Oppenheim
ADDITIONAL EDITING | J.D. Aronson & Mirella Cardoso
STOCK FOOTAGE | WSVN South Florida & 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida
MUSIC | Apparat, Nine Inch Nails, TrentemĂłller, Chimes & Bells
POSTER | J.D. Aronson
Shot on the Canon T3i & Canon 60DCast: Lance Oppenheim, J.D. Aronson, Mirella Cardoso, Joe Zakko, reuben walker and Adam WeissTags: Lance Oppenheim, The Dogmatic, Dogs, Abandoned, Documentary, Crime, Florida, Miami, The Everglades, Animals, Humane Society, Recession, Vigilantes, 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglade, Student Film, DSLR and HD