Functional Testing For Node.js Using Mocha and Zombie.js

In Agile development, developers write tests before the implementing a feature. Unit tests should already be in your ADN, so let's talk about functional tests instead. Functional tests are the technical translation of the acceptance tests written by the customer at the back of a user story card. Let's see how to achieve functional testing for Node.js applications.
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HTTP Load testing with JMeter

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In this post I will show some basics and how to use JMeter for HTTP load testing. JMeter is an Java application that can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types.



United Airlines Begins Offering Satellite Wi-Fi On Overseas Flights

United Airlines LogoUnited Airlines has announced that inflight Wi-Fi is now available on the first of its international wide-body aircraft, which makes it the only U.S. carrier to currently offer an Internet connection on long-haul overseas routes.  read more »

Indian Streaming Music Platform Gaana’s App Rolls Out Across Four Mobile Platforms

Gaana iPhoneGaana, one of India's top music streaming services, just launched its app, which is now available on four platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and J2ME for Samsung and Nokia feature phones) to take advantage of India's vast but fragmented mobile market.

VMware's RabbitMQ vs. LinkedIn's Kafka

Although quantitative, data-driven comparisons like benchmarks are the most fundamental comparisons we have in technology, it can often be more helpful to get a great qualitative analysis in the form of user experiences.
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IT consultant Stuart Charlton had a rich analysis on these two technologies from VMware (RabbitMQ) and LinkedIn...