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Technology | NEW AFRICAN NARRATIVES | Africa Trend Bulletin | May 2014

Across the continent, Africans are renouncing the age-old labels, clichés, and stereotypes placed upon them. And they’re refusing to be defined by the part of the pyramid they inhabit, their spending ability, or economic stature.
Instead, Africans today are forming new identities and tribes based on their own definitions, interests, passions, aspirations and lifestyle choices.  read more » | INTERNET OF CARING THINGS | Consumer Trend Briefing | April 2014

Time to think beyond the ‘Internet of Things’. Consumers are embracing a network of connected objects that actively care for their physical and mental wellbeing, homes, loved ones and more.Read the INTERNET OF CARING THINGS Consumer Trend Briefing from »  read more »

March 2014 Africa Trend Bulletin | SEED FUN

Driven by ability, curiosity or necessity, Africans are busy inventing and reinventing almost everything. Organizations that fuel this endless rush towards – and participate in – SEED FUN will attract love and attention from all consumers, not just the individuals and startups they help.Read SEED FUN »  read more »

March 2014 Asia Trend Bulletin | HIP HERBALS

One way to aid increasingly busy, stressful (and toxic) lifestyles in Asia's cities? A rediscovery (and 2014 reimagining) of traditional herbal products and practices to promote health, wellness and balance. Featuring Herborist, Hyatt on the Bund, Habu and more.Read HIP HERBALS »  read more »

March 2014 South & Central America Trend Bulletin | EMPATHETIC PRICING

In 2014, South & Central American consumers are refusing to face daily pain points alone. Instead, they’re turning to brands that provide relief in the form of flexible (& imaginative) pricing and discounts. Check out the 'painkillers' from Coffee Lab, PlayArte, Coca-Cola Chile, Opticolor and more.  read more »


Rising numbers of consumers are embracing brands that play with, subvert and even explode their own heritage. In 2014, nothing is sacred… Learn about the five forces – including CLEAN SLATE DISRUPTION and the NEW NORMAL – pushing consumers to embrace ever greater brand heresies. And see how leading brands, from BMW, to Versace, to Marriott to Moët & Chandon are already putting HERITAGE HERESY into action.  read more »

February 2014 Asia Trend Bulletin | CRAMMING

For millions of consumers in the Asian megacities of 2014, time pressure is ever more intense. Enter: the urge to CRAM as much – productivity, connection, value, fun, and more – into every moment...Read CRAMMING »  read more »

February 2014 Africa Trend Bulletin | HYPERACTIVE BRANDS

As a result of African consumers no longer willing to tolerate bland mass-marketing messages, HYPERACTIVE BRANDS all over the continent will increasingly capture these consumers attention with delightful, engaging, altruistic and empowering interactive initiatives and campaigns...Read HYPERACTIVE BRANDS »  read more »

February 2014 South & Central America Trend Bulletin | METRO MOBILITY

Learn why Latin American consumers are changing their perceptions of personal mobility. And what the range of innovative new transport solutions (public, shared, crowd-powered, sustainable and more) means for all businesses...Read METRO MOBILITY »Read in other languages:  read more »