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Pearls of Wisdom....320

1. This world is a play ground and death the night
    to which you return empty of purse all worn out.
    The earnings of faith are love and inner peace.
    The flesh craves all that is passing away.
    How long will you covet the vile? Let go.

2. The pleas of the devoted ascend to heaven,
    the smoke of their sincerity ascends to heaven,
    and the angels entreat God in earnest:
    "O You who answer every prayer,  read more »

Lesson of the day1319

Ayahs of the day:
Say: Shall I tell you of something better than what you have? For those who are conscientious there are gardens in the presence of their Lord, below which rivers flow, where they will abide; and pure spouses, and acceptance from God. And God sees the devoted, those who say, "Our Lord, we believe, so forgive us our sins, and save us from the torment of the fire." [3: 16,17]

Hadith of the day:
Do not regard any act of kindness as insignificant, even meeting your brother with a cheerful countenance. [Muslim]  read more »

The Five Questions....

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, "The two feet of the son of Adam will not move from near his Lord on the Day of Judgement until he is asked about five (matters) concerning his life - how he spent it; about his youth - how he took care of it; about his wealth - how he earned it; and where he spent it and about that which he acted upon from the knowledge he acquired." [Tirmidhi]

There is no escape from being questioned about:

1. Our life - how we spent it. Was it in righteousness and piety or in sin and transgression?  read more »

The first ten days of Dhu'l Hijjah....

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.  read more »

Masjids and Malls....

The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “The dearest parts on the face of the earth near Allah are its masjids, and the most hated parts on the face of the earth near Allah are its markets.” [Sahih Muslim]  read more »

Pearls of Wisdom 319

1. The Prophet said that God has said,
    "I cannot be contained in hallowed places.
    Heaven and earth cannot hold Me.
    But I am contained by true hearts.
    If you seek Me, search in those hearts."

2. To know your own illness is the proper remedy.
    When you repent you feel humility.
    That is the time to obey the Prophet's command
    "Have mercy." Why do you presume to be safe
     and fortunate. Don't you remember God's salace,  read more »

Lesson of the Day 1318

Ayahs of the day:
Made to seen pleasing to humanity is love of desires for women and children and heaps and hoards of gold and silver, and domesticated horses, and cattle, and fields. Those are conveniences for the life of the world, while the finest resort is the presence of God. [3: 14]

Hadith of the day:
Fear Allah wherever you are, and follow a bad deed with a good deed to erase it, and treat people with a good attitude. [Tirmidhi]

Wise quote of the day:  read more »

Avoid Argumentation.....

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Whoever does not argue when he is in the wrong will have a home built for him on the edge of Paradise. Whoever avoids it when he in the right will have a home built for him in the middle of Paradise. And whoever improves his own character, a home will be built for him in the highest part of Paradise.” [Tirmidhi]  read more »

Pearls of Wisdom 318

1. God said,  "Do not take offense at their ridicule,
    for they are not your followers.  Your true friends
    hide behind the divine bounty, and entreat for
    you steadily. In good health all of them are your
    friends, but in the hour of pain all depart. God
    is your only friend."

2. Water said to the defiled, "Hurry come to me."
    The defiled replied, "But I feel ashamed before
    the water."  read more »