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Current vs Recent Bear Markets Graph

A graph comparing the current bear market to three recent ones (updated every market day).

DOW Crash of 1929 - 1932
1973 Oil Crisis (S&P) from 1973 - 1974
Tech Crash (S&P) of 2000 - 2002
Current Bear (S&P) starting from 10/9/2007 - TBD

Contributing factors of current bear include bursting real-estate bubble, global credit crisis, fundamental decline in consumption, corporate and personal debt reduction and increased trends towards saving, and general economic recession.

Financial Crisis Plain Talk

John Bird and John Fortune describe the mindset of the investment banking community in this satirical interview back in August 2007 which appears to have become prescient in light of the current September 2008 bailout plan and the fear mongering used to ram it through congress.  read more »